SplitEQ by Eventide

SplitEQ by Eventide, a world-class equalizer that modifies any audio source

SplitEQ is a revolutionary EQ that offers a new approach to corrective and creative audio equalization. Excellent at expanding, repairing, rebalancing, and enhancing any music source or audio signal. SplitEQ is both a surgical tool for fixing particularly vexing problems and a creative tool that opens up exciting new musical possibilities. It's not just EQ—it's a new and better tool.

At first glance, it's a parametric EQ with 8 bands of precise musical filters. What's new and different is that Eventide's powerful Structural Split engine splits incoming audio into separate transient and tone streams that feed into an 8-band "split" parametric EQ. This approach is musically useful and can easily solve common EQ problems, even in complex mixes.

World-class 8-band parametric EQ with pristine music filters.
Use Eventide's patented StructuralSplit™ technology to separate the EQ transient and tonal parts of your sound.
Controls transient and tone output levels.
Enhance your stereo field with continuous transient and tone panning controls (L/R and Mid/Side modes).
Control the underlying split technology for fine-tuning and experimentation.
Globally scale EQ curves together or individually.
Peak, notch, bandpass, high shelf, low shelf, tilt shelf, high pass, and low pass filter types with slopes from 6 to 96 dB/octave.
The innovative real-time spectrum analyzer displays transient and tone streams separately.
Comprehensive preset library includes over 150 presets.
The A/B buttons allow you to quickly audition two presets or settings, plus undo/redo functionality.
Resizable GUI with zoom options.


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